301 Diamond Grading Price: 36,900 Baht
Students will learn the most standardized method of grading and diamond principle of 4C's: clarity, color, cut and carat. Lectures and laboratory practice will enhance student's hands-on experience with professional diamond grading equipment. Actual diamonds will be used for diamond grading practice.
201 Gems Identification l Price: 36,900 Baht
Students will acquire the knowledge on how to sight I.D.(identify stones using visual cues alone) and how to identify stones by using gemological instruments. Emphasis will be placed upon the use of proper and effective testing procedures in identifying stones.
202 Gems Identification II Price: 49,900 Baht
This class offers students an advance level of gems identification, using more complex types of gemstones. Students will further master their skills in detecting and separating natural gemstones from synthetic ones.
401 Analysis of Naturals vs Synthetics and Simulants Price: 39,900 Baht
Along with hands-on lab sessions, students will learn how to differentiate types and quality of gemstones from natural to synthetic one. The course includes technical knowledge of gems production, characteristics, methods to improve the natural properties of gemstone, known as "gems enhancement", i.e. diffusion, flux, dyeing, oiling etc. Students must go through lab practice of gemstones, both natural and synthetic ones, with real stones to master their skill for more than 1000 stones.
501 Quality Analysis of Gemstones and Pricing Price: 29,900 Baht
This course mainly offers students the principles on how to grade the stones, good understanding of gems pricing and assessment of gemstones quality. Students will be trained through the lab practice intensively and will be taught how to deal and solve the problem from pricing in the gems market.
010 Introduction to Pearl Price: 5,000 Baht
This is an intensive course for introduction to pearl. Students will learn how pearls are formed, and the difference between natural and cultured pearls. Lectures with hands-on lab session focus on the quality of pearl, ranging from color, luster, nacre thickness, shape and spotting to make.
020 Jewelry Design I Price: 49,000 Baht
Students will learn how to illustrate your idea accurately and attractively, turning your imaginary idea into a work of art in a piece of paper. The use of color, understanding of jewelry components, method for jewelry design presentation like professionals are essential foundation to master your jewelry design skill.
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